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19 Nov 2015

Record player are a rarity now, especially the ones which were bought during the 70s or 80s. These delicate machines need to be handled with special care and tenderness to maintain them in a working condition. You must understand that since these machines are very old and went into obscurity for quite some time. You could only find the parts with lots of efforts if you happen to damage your record player. You should take proper care of your record player if you want to really keep your record player functional for long.


Keep it clean: keeping your record player clean is very important to maintain its functionality. But always make sure that cleaning is done only either in the way it is told in the manual or the way it is being told here:

·         Use anti static cloth and alcohol to wipe the turn table of your record player. Generally wiping it gently with an anti static cloth is enough but if there is grime or lint present on the surface of the turn table use alcohol to wipe it. Never leave the turntable wet as:

o   It may attract more dust and deposits

o   Damage the turn table

Always clean the surface of your turntable from the center towards the outer side of it. This will help maintain the balance of the turn table.

·         The needle must be wiped with a soft paint brush gently at the tip. Avoid wiping the sides as it may bend the needle. If the need be use the brush dipped in alcohol. Never use your finger to wipe the needle as that may cause the oil to accumulate on the needle.

·         When not in use keep the record player covered with the dust cover. If you do not have dustcover then cover it with cloth or buy a protective cover.

·         Do not leave your record player lying for very long. One of the maintenance techniques is to play it every now and then. Keeping it idle for very long may create problems with its moving parts.


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