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19 Nov 2015

The record player has been in existence for more than a century now. When it was introduced in the early 1900s it became a fad and everyone wanted to own one because of the following reasons:

·         It made it simpler to listen to the music

·         You could listen to the music you want at your own convenience

·         You were not time bound

·         You could carry the record player any where you wanted

·         You could have as many records as you want  and play them indefinitely

But there came a revolution in technology and the latter half of the twentieth century saw a surge in the methods by which one could listen to the music. There were walkmans, ipods and what not to make life easier with music. During this time the fashion of owning a record player went down to an extent that it just vanished from the scenario. But, again the music lovers are returning back to the glorious sound of the record players. Since it has been so much time that one thought or read about these machines it becomes imperative to ask questions about what kind of record player will be suitable for whom?


The belt driven record players are the ones which use a belt attached to the motor to move the turn table. A great example of a belt driven motor is the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon DC, which is also a prime contender for the best record player under $500. This kind of record player is useful for the people who just want enjoy the music with their friends and family. This may not allow you to make changes to the music at will as the DJs do. In this you could opt for an s-shaped tone arm which looks pretty in the house of the owner.

The direct drive type record players are best suited for the people who want to mix and scratch the records and make music at will. They should even opt for the straight tone arm which gives them the greater chance of scratching the record during music mixing activities. Generally this type of record player is for commercial use though there is no such hard and fast rule regarding the usage of the record players.

The record players have made a comeback and are here to stay. This has proved that a classy stuff will stay no matter what. The record players have made our older generation crazy for music and are again here to mesmerize this modern generation by its top notch sound quality and amazing looks.


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